We can confidently cater for Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, House Parties, School Proms, Anniversaries and much more.
Your input and requirements are paramount and this will be reflected in the personalised service we provide. We appreciate that every client has different tastes and our level of experience and technical inventory allow us to cater as such.

Taste in music is as varied as there are genres to appreciate it in. With this in mind we have amassed an extensive collection of music to compliment every style of Disco.
Your own playlists are welcome and prior discussion on format and style is both welcome and encouraged. During our meeting/s we will listen to your requirements, your likes and dislikes and put together the perfect playlist based on yours and your guests musical expectations.

Of course it doesn't end here, any good DJ will know all too well how the mood can fluctuate on the night and so we are always watching and reading the crowd to better select what gets people dancing and what they want to hear.

Your Wedding

From first contact with FlyBase you can be assured we will offer the same dedication to your wedding reception as you. We will work with you to help create your perfect vision for the evening disco entertainment. Additional lighting, décor and musical options can be tailored and built around your requirements. You are unique, as is your wedding day and our approach to realising your expectations.

We appreciate it should be magical, inspired and every bit YOUR vision. Our experience and equipment inventory open up so many avenues to help achieve this. Whether you want a traditionally inspired reception with all the time tested trimmings, first dance, Father & Daughter dance, formal cake cutting and dramatic see off or if you would prefer something more contemporary, less formal and with more emphasis on spontaneity, or a combination of both. We are here to help you work through the details and build your perfect night.


Background Music

We can provide ambient background music for your Wedding breakfast, dinner or the earlier part of the evening while your guests are enjoying each others company. This can blend seamlessly into the evening celebration and gradually build with the right tempo to the point where people are hitting the dance floor.

This can be a manned option or you can provide your own playlisted music on a laptop/MP3player/ipod to play through a system provided and installed by us. In both instances we are happy to provide wireless microphones at no extra charge to utilise for your speeches.

LED Uplighting

Our slimline light units reflect the latest in LED lighting technology.  By strategically placing uplights at key points around the room we can bathe prominent features in a soft or vibrant light and illuminate things such as cake tables, entrance walkways, bar areas and much more. With thousands of colour combinations, the colour can be matched in most instances to your own colour theme and can truly compliment your venue and room decoration. The effect is nothing short of fantastic and adds a new dimension to any room it is used in.

No doubt you have already placed a great deal of time, effort and emphasis on the room décor so what better way to set it off and add the finishing touch.

See our Uplighting Section for further details.

Fairy Lighting/LED Light Strings/Festoon Lights

What better way to compliment your marquee or venue than with our beautiful LED fairy lights. We stock around 300m of warm white, LED fairy light strings and have availability for more should you require it.

Our commercial grade LED light strings run on 24v so are safe and being weather proof they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They stay cool to the touch so can be strung inside marquee linings for a frosted effect or hung upright against drapes. We will always work to compliment your other decorations and there are many options with regards to how the lights can be hung. We can line walkways, entrance halls and architectural features with warm, white light, the possibilities are endless.

Why not add a festoon light package to bring some extra warmth to outside areas. Our festoon lights not only look great but are functional, lighting up walkways, car parks, and the areas around marquees or venues.

Rustic LOVE Letters

Our beautiful new rustic style, wooden LOVE letters add the perfect touch for vintage, country style weddings. A full 4 foot tall.

Placed perhaps against a backdrop of hay bails, tipi's or wild flowers they offer warmth and make a great photo opportunity for you and your guests to pose with.

Fairground style, cabochon lamps throw beautiful beams of lights in all directions across the letters surface and create a memorable focal point for important areas. Place them next to your top table, dance floor, entrance way or cake table for dramatic impact.

Backdrop & Top Table Packages

Our backdrop and top table packages. A beautiful and striking way to add some class to your top table or other key areas at your venue.

We can supply almost everything needed for a beautiful top table and backdrop. Or you can pick and choose your own key aspects and we can create your vision using our extensive inventory of décor items.

See our Backdrop & Top Table section for further details

Projector & Big Screen Slideshow

Our slideshow service makes the perfect accompaniment to a Wedding breakfast, speeches, evening meal and Disco. We can offer a choice of short or long throw projectors paired with a 90" pull up projector screen.                                                                                                   

We also have a 46" LED Smart Screen mounted on its own height adjustable, rolling stand. This is a great solution for brighter venues or daytime marquee use for instance. The Screen can accept HDMI laptop input as well as photos directly from a USB pen drive or wirelessly via DLNA .

We can display your choice of images as a slideshow. These images can be happy memories from your past, photos of friends and family or prop shots to aid in a Best Man's speech for example. With the appropriate co-operation from your photographer we can even display photos taken that day at the ceremony.

Another variation of the projector service is the animated video wall backdrop. The screen is usually placed behind the DJ booth or beside the dance floor and filled with ever changing music visualizations. Bright, colourful and complex 3D shapes and textures morphing in time with the music. Excellent for creating a funky dance floor atmosphere.

Service includes all equipment and can also include an operator for the duration of the slide show.

Speeches/Secondary PA

We can supply a speeches or secondary PA system. Offering up plenty of power to cater for a variety of uses. Being a compact system it requires a small amount of space and will be installed and configured ready for your application. The potential for uses include speech PA at your Wedding reception, corporate event or party - a pair of wireless microphones are included (extra microphones available on request), to play your own choice of entrance or background music - simply plug in your ipod (all cables supplied). Should you require music to accompany your civil ceremony this can also be achieved whether your are inside or outdoors.

We can also supply small - medium - large PA's for party use on a dry hire basis. Maybe you'd like some music in between your band's performances or you have your own mixing decks you'd like to connect to.

Custom Gobo Projection

We also offer custom gobo projection. This means you can have your name, logo or design of your choice projected onto any wall, ceiling, floor or other surface. For instance you could have the names of the Bride and Groom lit up in large glowing print across the ceiling or your dance floor.

We can also program the projection to pan ceilings or walls, even outside walls/structures utilising our exterior, weather proof lighting domes. Imagine snowflakes drifting across you ceiling for your winter wedding or red heart shapes slowly spinning across your venue walls. Nearly anything is possible and each application is custom programmed for your event and venue layout.

Our theatrical grade gobo projector utilises a powerful 90-watt LED and can also be used to frame or spot light architectural features, tables, Wedding cakes etc in crisp white or the colour of your choice. Please enquire for specific options and pricing.

8 Shot Confetti Cannon

Capable of firing an 8 shot barrage or sequential single shots, as and when you desire.
Remotely triggered and running from it's own internal power supply, we can mount and fire this cannon anywhere (subject to venue permissions/restrictions).

There is a huge choice of confetti and streamer types and colours available. Metallics, whites and colours.

Choose from 40cm cartridges for projections of up to 6 metres or our monster 80cm cartridges for up to a massive 12 metre range.

Check out our demo video

Exterior/Architectural Lighting

We can paint the outside of your venue in vivid, bold, ever changing colours or white light. Our theatrical grade moving head fixtures are powerful, effective and come in their own protective transparent bubbles to protect them from the elements - use them anywhere you want dramatic lighting.

Impress your arriving guests by washing the outside of you venue in beautiful colour. We can wash and light manor houses, marquees, village halls and private homes.

New for 2016 our Sky Tracker Searchlights. Your event will be seen for miles around with our pair of high power searchlights, lighting the sky around your venue. So powerful that we need to inform air traffic control when in the vicinity of airfields.

White and coloured beams of light will cut through the night sky and guide in your arriving guests. They can also be used to highlight buildings, tree lines, outdoor staging and much more.

Check out our demo video

Illuminated Dance Platform

Add some real dance floor excitement with our raised dance platform. Think retro light up dance floors and club land podium dancers.

Offering up eight moving mirror scanners and four multi-colour mirror discs all projecting through a 10mm tempered glass platform, you are sure to be noticed. This search light type effect sprays beams and colour out towards the ceiling in all directions, with you dancing on top. A truly unique effect and looks fantastic with haze/smoke. Place it in the centre of your dance floor and let your guests take their turn as the centre of attention.

Check out our demo video


Standalone hire of all services is available - please CONTACT US for details.


An example of LED uplighting. This client had a teal and pink colour theme which could be matched perfectly to wash the walls and ceiling in soft blue and pink light. Effective, even by day.
We will always work with the architectural and cosmetic elements of a room to uplight in the most complimentary and effective way. Highlighting features and areas of beauty to help create a unique effect that will certainly enhance your venue.
A warm white starbusrt canopy adds some great atmospheric lighting and eliminates the need for sometimes harsh or intense house lighting.
Our Fairy Lights can also be used outside to line walkways, entrances, trees or car parks for example.

Our LED Fairy Light Strings used in this instance to bring the level of the ceiling down and add a warm, glowing canopy to the room. Fairy Lights can be strung in different patterns, along walls and ceilings and are also weatherproof and low voltage so can also be used to light outdoor areas. The only real limit is your imagination.
Our LED Festoon lights can be seen here used for the area outside the main reception room at The Ash Barton Estate, Braunton, Devon. They were used to provide exterior lighting for the trailer bar area, portaloo and car park route. Our festoons are warm white for that classic look and glow.
This area would be particularly dark without the festoon strings.
Our rustic LOVE letters are a beautiful addition to any wedding and offer a striking area of illumination. Made with genuine reclaimed timbers, they scream vintage, country and shabby chic.
Our 46" LED Smart Screen is the perfect accompaniment for speeches, offering you the chance to show funny and memorable photos or videos. Or why not have your ceremony pictures as a slide show for all your breakfast and evening guests to enjoy.
It can also be utilised as a background music system with accompanying romantic, love heart visualisations (see images below). It comes complete on its own high-rise, rolling stand.

The Smart Screen can be set-up almost anywhere and offers options for slideshows, videos and background music (with visuals).
It accepts inputs via laptops, USB, HDMI and wireless DLNA (compatibility dependant).

 For this first dance and the following reception disco the Custom Gobo Projector was set to throw large, bright hearts against the back wall. Almost any name, logo or design can be accommodated in monotone or multi colour. 

In these examples we projected the Bride & Grooms name's in giant letters over the dance floor to add a unique, personal touch.

Our Illuminated Dance Platform provides a dramatic effect and makes a fantastic centre piece/dance floor addition. You dance directly on the glass surrounded by moving beams of coloured and white light.

Check out the video to see it in action

An example of how LED Uplighting can compliment your dance floor. For this clients Birthday Party we installed Dance Floor & Backwall uplighting. This effect can be replicated around the entire perimeter of your venue/room.
The Secondary PA situated at the top table for the speeches. Also suitable for background music or a "room 2" option.
Services include installation and instruction.
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